We Connect Women in the Data Platform Community

We curate events, mentorship, and networking opportunities to help women in tech achieve their professional goals.


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We Are Here to Support and Uplift

Are you feeling overwhelmed at work? Noticing a barrier preventing you from progressing in your career?

Data WIT was created to help women like you to overcome these barriers. We help you develop the skills to achieve your goals and get the success and credit you deserve.

What Do We Do?

Data WIT focuses on career growth and mentorship. We encourage women like you to own your hard-earned skills and develop new ones to advance your career. Through our webinars and networking events, we aim to connect you to industry experts who can provide mentorship and guidance.

We have seen the enormous impact that empowering women can have. Join the movement for positive change. Let’s grow and learn together.

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Make Your Impact

We understand there’s a discouraging lack of equality when it comes to opportunities for growth in the data platform community. That’s why, at Data Wit, we create opportunities for women to lead and make an impact.

Here, you can make your mark. We’ll help you achieve your goals, every step of the way.

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The Data WIT Organizational Committee

Leslie Andrews


Leslie Andrews is an IT professional with 20+ years experience in a variety of industries.  She started speaking and becoming more involved in the SQL community after attending PASS Summit 2017.  She was an Idera ACE in 2019 and joined the Data Platform WIT Organizational Committee in January 2022.



Mala Mahadevan


Mala Mahadevan is a senior database professional. She has been within the database industry for 20 years, working with SQL Server and other related technologies. Mala has volunteered with the SQL Server community for over a decade and is a recipient of the PASSion award for being an outstanding volunteer. She is excited to mentor others and share her knowledge.



Our Values

Our values align with our Code of Conduct. Data WIT does not stand for disrespectful behaviour towards or by members of the community. Instead, we thrive on mentorship, learning, and supporting and uplifting each other. 

We encourage and welcome people of diverse backgrounds to join our organization.

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Are you speaking at events, or have a blog you want to be shared?

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