Chat Interview for February 2022 – guest Julie Koesmarno

Our second interview in our UnitedWeTech chat series is with Microsoft Program Manager – Julie Koesmarno. We chatted with her about her recent blog ‘“You have to be technical” and its relevance‘, working for Microsoft and some of her hobbies and interests. You can connect with Julie on her website or on twitter at @MsSQLGirl.


Julie’s quotes

“Words do matter..there is a difference between ‘you have to be technical’ and ‘you have to be doing technical things”
“within this environment where you work together, you start the principle of your hiring and your work relationship as a zero sum game, you will never achieve anywhere, both of you.”

“If this wasn’t an IT or software kind of industry. How would you be interviewed? Say if I was a painter. Hey, you have to be painting to be creative or something. So Well, what is it that you want me to paint? Is it? You know? Is it like Picasso like things? And then if you’re a piano, a pianist, you have to be, you know, musical. Does that make sense when you ask in an interview like that.”

“what is it that you want to do? What is it that you value? What is it that you want to do that you want to go that you are willing to go that you have are having fun and actually getting energy when you go dip to the next level to the next level. And that right there is do technical, not be technical, do technical.”

Leslie’s quotes
“I’ve always prided myself. I’m a solution finder. I’m not a problem solver, because you can’t always solve the problem. You can always find a solution, though.”

Mala’s quotes
“Victimization exists, it’s a real thing. Like, you know, people pick on others become victims all the time, especially in the corporate world. And second, you know, just because a person is venting doesn’t mean they’re stuck with that feeling all the time.”