You are currently viewing Chat Interview for June 2022 – guest Heidi Hasting

Chat Interview for June 2022 – guest Heidi Hasting

Our fifth interview in our UnitedWeTech chat series is with Expose Consultant Heidi Hasting. We chatted with her about her work, her hobbies, and a bunch of other stuff!  This was a great time!


Heidi’s quotes
Re: PASS Summit & DataGrillen
“If you have not heard of any of these events, Google them or use your favorite search engine as Microsoft people would say, and check them out”

Re: Getting into data
“I loved doing cross-stitch, and loved playing computer games with my brother and I went “Well, I can’t do cross-stitch at university, so what’s the next thing I like to do, computers, so let’s do computer science”

“I can turn this into data”

“Any cool project for me is one where I learn stuff and a little bit challenging”

Leslie’s quotes
“I think that is something we all have to recognize when we are working with more junior people, is, we didn’t always know, we had to learn, and you have to be kind and supportive and, you know, helpful to get them to learn, and not be condescending and dismissive, and you know, put them down for not getting it right away”

Mala’s quotes
“The best mentors I’ve had are those who just point me in the right direction”

“Mentoring is a skill”

Re: Azure
“That can be an expensive thing to forget”