You are currently viewing Chat Interview for March 2022 – guest Kristyna Hughes

Chat Interview for March 2022 – guest Kristyna Hughes

Our third interview in our UnitedWeTech chat series is, coincidentally,  with 3Cloud Consultant Kristyna Hughes. We chatted with her about her work with PowerBI, some unique business requirements for a client and her innovative solution, and some of her hobbies and interests. You can read more about the Tabular Object Model Hack on her website or on twitter at @anytsirk12.


Kristyna’s quotes

“Power BI operates off of something similar to analysis services, it’s pretty much the same back end code. So anyone who’s lived and breathed in Analysis Services, secretly knows a lot more about Power BI than they probably realize.”

“you may not have been working with what we call a professional. Right?”

“that’s how you get fired, right? Like, you get hired for your UI, you get to keep the job because your data quality.”

“…(I) ended up doing a presentation for my boss, and why should she should give me more work because I was more efficient than my co workers. And she passed that up to the manager of that branch, who then was like, we actually need you on our analytics team. So that’s how I ended up getting into analytics.”

Leslie’s quotes
” that’s really how you get noticed and you get those opportunities and, you know, take the initiative and show people how great you are and and again, if they don’t notice that you’re great, go find a place that thinks you are”

Mala’s quotes
“if you were a female DBA most people thought that you were a report writer masquerading as a DBA very sexist, but they usually thought women were the ones who did you know, the easy stuff like report writing.”