DataPlatformWIT at PASS Summit

Dear ladies, our apologies for not having been in touch for some time now.

Autumn is a time when the old falls away, giving way to a time of rest and gratitude before spring comes in with more to do.

We have been busy assisting with PASS summit related activities, and also planning what to do here next year. Updates as below:

PASS Summit kicks off next week!! Those of you who aren’t lucky to be there can still join it virtually, there are a number of sessions being live streamed – including the WIT Luncheon, which we helped put together! No login or registration is required to watch, so make sure you watch it online (link has details on how you can), if you can’t be there in person. If you are there in person – head to the famous ballroom 6E, for an amazing discussion on Got your back: Finding allies at work– set to happen on Thursday, 16th November 2023 at noon PST. Lunch will be served in the room.

This year’s summit has a diverse array of speakers – make sure to attend and encourage women speakers, especially new ones who are breaking ground! Speaking at the summit is an honor and a place they got to with great effort and determination. It is worthy of your support.

For next year, we are restarting our interviews with lesser-known women in the industry – giving it a new touch, watch this space for details!! We are also working on updating our list of women speakers and re-publishing it, since most people are now not on X/Twitter.

Until then, stay safe, Happy Thanksgiving, and take care.

Les and Mala