Newsletter for September 2022

Dear Data WIT members,
First of all – sincere apologies for having missed the newsletter for the last couple of months. We have been busy with many tasks – especially helping with the upcoming PASS Data Community Summit in several ways.
We have interviewed two amazing women who are doing day long precons at the summit – our chat with Kimberly Tripp(b| t) on her precon ‘Indexing for Performance’ is here. We had a blast talking to her on what her class will cover. She was kind and generous to share many useful tips in the interview itself – hope you enjoy listening, and sign up for her class if you do!! There are both virtual and in person options available this year to attend.
Our second interview was with Melissa Coates(b|t), on the precon she is co presenting with Matthew Roche(b|t), on ‘The Hitchhiker’s guide to adopting PowerBI in your organization’. This turned out to be completely different than what we thought it would be. We all need to be considering making our work places data driven, and thinking about data governance even if we are not officially tasked with doing it. This is a thought provoking interview and the precon looks even more promising. Melissa and Matthew are both amazing speakers and it will be a great day of learning. Listen to our interview to understand more and sign up! There is also more information on Melissa’s blog here. If you wish to understand more on data governance, this is a book Melissa recommends.
Our regular chat interviews will resume after our last precon interview with Cindy Gross(b|t), on her precon ‘Race and Gender Equity Toolkit’.

On other fronts – our list of women speaking at data events has been updated, thanks to Deepthi Goguri(b|t). Thank you Deepthi, for your hard work!! If you know of anyone who needs to be added here, please email us at

There are many events , virtual and in person, looking for women speakers….ex MVP and community/Data WIT Ally Kevin Kline recently did a T-SQL tuesday (blog party) asking that people blog about how events change careers – a lot of people have responded and this is an interesting summary to read. There are many stories there that are inspiring – if not to speak, at least consider attending events to further your career, find meaningful connections and grow!

Happy end-of-summer and be safe.