Reviving for 2024

Dear women friends and followers,

We’ve been in a bit of a hiatus lately here at DataPlatformWIT. We’ve taken some time to reflect on how we can best serve both our community and ourselves, recognizing the importance of offering valuable and engaging content while acknowledging the fatigue many of us feel from endless screen time. Our previous endeavors like interviews and day-long events haven’t quite hit the mark, so we’ve been hard at work brainstorming innovative ways to rejuvenate our efforts. Here’s what we have in store for the upcoming year:

1 Adding Josephine to our team – we now have Josephine Bush a.k.a HelloSQLKitty (l|b) to our team, with Leslie and me(Mala). Josephine is a Data Platform MVP, Presenter and a great DBA. With her on board, we boast a diverse trio of expertise spanning DBA, development, and BI. Josephine brings not only technical prowess but also a contagious enthusiasm for advancing women in technology, making her a valuable addition to our team.

2 Introducing “WIT Wednesdays.” We’ve noticed that many of you either lack a platform to share your insights or simply don’t have the time to maintain one. On the last Wednesday of each month, we’ll feature a blog post on our platform authored by a woman from the Data Community who may not have their own blogging outlet. If you’re interested in contributing, drop us a line at with your topic, and we’ll be in touch!

3 Reviving “Women Talk Tech” interviews. We’re committed to showcasing the voices of lesser-known women in the community. On the last Tuesday of every month, we’ll conduct brief interviews, allowing you to share your thoughts on any topic of your choosing. These interviews will be concise, clocking in at around 20 minutes, and will be published on our YouTube channel shortly after. We will reach out to some of you on scheduling this.

4 WIT Hour at PASS Summit. Continuing our collaboration with the RedGate team at PASS Summit for the WIT hour. This year, we’re shaking things up with a keynote-style session featuring a standout speaker from the community. Keep an eye out for the Call for Speakers announcement coming soon!

5 Ally events

5.1 Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the annual Mental Health and Wellness Day organized by our friends at the Data Platform DEI group, led by Tracy Boggiano and her team. This year’s event falls on May 10th, so be sure to sign up and prioritize your well-being.

5.2 The CFS for EightKB – the best SQL Server virtual conference is open!! This conference is for advanced/deep dive sessions. Get your courage up to submit, they’re always looking for more women speakers. If you need help with motivation, we are here to help! This is our interview with the women who spoke at this conference last time.

5.3 Our friends Tracy Boggiano and Deborah Melkin do a women networking/mentoring circle called WITspiration – if you are not part of it, you should be!! Their next cohort/call to form circles opens soon, so watch the twitter/X feed. They are also on linkedin.

6 Our newsletter will happen first week of every month and with new content as well.

We’re excited about these initiatives and look forward to reinvigorating our community together.

Spring is a season of hope and new color, here are a few pictures of the beauty around North Carolina.

Take care and bests,

Mala, Leslie and Josephine.